Are you tired of pretending you feel happy and your life is everything you dreamed it to be...when the truth is you’re secretly…






Are you sick of putting so much effort into trying to feel good only to be rewarded with underwhelming, temporary results that fade faster than your latest yoga pose? 

Are you a relentless seeker thirsty for answers with a deep yearning for more that simply won't go away? 

Are you freaking tired of suffering and sometimes overwhelmed by the prospect of plugging on yet another day?

If any of this feels familiar, welcome! And big hugs. If it doesn't, it's been great meeting you and thanks for stopping by.

Please quietly exit the theatre, folks, and close the door on your way out.

Great! Now that we've narrowed the field to my people, let's dive in.

What’s the Problem?

Here's my take on it. The outside YOU doesn’t match the inside YOU

What I mean is your inner being, which is beautiful, powerful, fantastically magnificent, full of life, wonder, light, joy, and inspiration, is NOT filtering through and reflecting back at you in the mirror.

There's a gap between who you really are on the inside and the you that's being expressed on the outside.

Your inner sparkle ain't sparkling through.

How Do I Know?

The truth is only YOU know if this is true for you. If you’re unsure, read the about page or check out one of my posts to see if my message vibes with you. What I do know is this is my story and I simply can't be the only one.

Who am I?

I’m an ordinary person...just like you...who is awakening and very recently made the decision to bring my real self out of hiding.

Why your Purple Swan?

Because there's no reward without risk. Because it's time to release my voice from its self-imposed prison. And cuz no venture is more worthwhile than one aimed at replacing suffering with joy.

The mission of your Purple Swan is to share the bumps and triumphs of freeing MY inner sparkle...so you might feel inspired to free YOUR inner sparkle...so we can all feel GOOD-er-er together! [wink]

Just like The Ugly Duckling in the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, we're ALL actually beautiful Swans—we just don’t know it...yet!

Wanna Hear More?

I'll keep it simple and honest. With a dab of humour. That should do it!

And for the record, this site is all about truth and trust. So I'll never abuse this privilege by sharing your information.

Ready to begin? You can sign up below.

I'm so excited!

Sparkle Brightly—


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