Hi! I’m Vicki. And I’ve spent much of my life chasing the coattails of happiness. Most of that time trying to be happy felt like a job—it was work. Now, I don’t mind workin’ hard if I get to reap the rewards but it was the kind of work that never seemed to pay off. Because the good feelings never stuck around. 

What’s worse is I could never comfortably settle in and accept my fate because there was a constant nagging—a yearning for something more that never left me alone. And despite my demands for it to show itself it never would. 

Until it did. 

And I received the message loud and clear:

Come out of hiding and be who you are. 


This is the same sage advice passed along by many to just be yourself. But this time was different. Here’s what clubbed me over the head:

I finally realized I was never going to be happy until I narrowed the gap between who I am on the inside and who I was being outwardly. In other words, I had a choice. Either find the courage to let the real me be truly visible or brace myself for more suffering. I chose the former.

Basic recipe

Being me is a daily process of choosing to be who I really am, appreciating who I really am, and allowing me to be who I really am.

So let’s put that into pictures (cuz i L-O-V-E fun art):

Our real selves are not unlike a purple swan:
Beautiful. Tranquil. Spiritual. Loving. Joyful. Light.

Loving our selves means feeding our inner being and gaining its trust:
Creativity. Expression. Simplicity. Truth. Gentleness.

The road from invisible to visible is a bumpy one. Embrace it with:
Love. Patience. Courage. Acceptance.

Now I'd love to claim this is a secret recipe handed down for generations, but nope. There's not much secret here. That's because the magic isn't found in its ingredients. The magic comes from leaving this recipe on the kitchen counter, pulling out a mixing bowl and being willing to make a mess. Throw in a little of this and a little of that and check inside to see how it feels. The key is to experiment regularly—not just on Sundays when the relatives visit! [smile].

Why does it work? One simple reason.

When you start creating the conditions for joy to thrive, you no longer have to hunt for happiness. Happiness starts hunting for you.

Final Words

Feeling joyful is our natural state and, believe it or not, life is meant to be FUN. This I know for sure. 

Happiness isn't only for the lucky, or the rich, or those born into stable loving families. Feeling good inside is not just for other people—it's for you and me.

Letting my inner being out into the real world is the most worthwhile pursuit I’ve ever undertaken. So what better way to embrace this move out of hiding than to do it publicly? Go big or go home, as they say.

If this venture is calling you, I'd love to walk alongside you. I've stuffed all my stories and the gems I’ve picked up along the way into what I call my bag of goodies. And the prospect of sharing my bag of goodies with you is so frigging exciting I can hardly stand it. [Like I'm gonna actually pee...or something!]

As you collect your own bag of goodies, my hope is you'll share them with yours truly [can’t wait]. And also with our fellow travellers who are suffering and searching. I just know in finding our own inner sparkle we can inspire others to find theirs. 

Oodles and Oodles of love,

Sparkle Brightly—

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