Boost! is a collection of nutritious packed snacks for your inner being. You see, when I'm struggling to feel good inside, I find it helpful to connect with something really moving. So I began collecting some stuff. For spiritual emergencies, you could say.

It’s like a wake-up call to the real me:

"Helloooooo. Are you in there? I miss you, desperately. Please come back."

A boost! reminds me who I really am. It feeds my inner being. It speaks her language. When my little hairs stand up, and I get 'the goosies’…or a chill runs up my spine…or pressure builds in my throat and screams at me to sing along to a tune…or a wave of peace falls over me like a blanket…I know a connection is being made. And I feel rooted. In the moment. As we're meant to be.

Now, I'm not claiming these are magic tools. Or they’ll work for you. Or they’ll work every time. But heck, what've ya got to lose? Meanwhile, you could start creating your own boost! of spiritual snacks.

Coming out of hiding is not a straight and narrow trip. It's more like riding a wild stallion. Facing backwards. Blind-folded, even. Hee hee. So when the ride gets bumpy or we get bucked off, at least we can grab a boost! to help navigate our way back. Because even one tiny step away from yucky feelings is one step closer to good feeling ones. And we're all about feeling good.








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